Jan. 11th, 2017

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Two-hour delay for the schools, plus testing that my son doesn’t have to do, so he’s home all day, plus hunting for a set of pictures for the timeline my daughter’s doing in school only to discover I have to jump through hoops to convert an old photo library to something useful plus figure out how to save a still from a movie as an image file, and getting my daughter’s Brownie uniform set with badges … I barely got to the paying work today and felt like tearing out my hair trying to figure out if the authors are making a meaningful distinction between no-crack and non-crack, or if that’s just inconsistency.

I did eventually get words, at least a few. I’d like to say I’ll get more tomorrow. But first I need to finish that copyediting and order photo prints over at Walgreens from the digital files.

Words written today: 154
Words written 2017: 13,578
Average words/day 2017: 1,234
Books completed 2017: none yet
Pages read: 70?
Books read 2017: 0
Exercise reps: 2

Not sure of the pages read — I grabbed a library book on my way out the door to take my daughter to Brownies. Read a chunk. Am enjoying it. Might even get it finished before it’s due.

Now, as Katie Scarlett said, tomorrow is another day.

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