Feb. 13th, 2017

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Can you believe it? Six weeks?

Look — stats block is back! (Mostly because we have to go to a school open house this evening, so I know I won’t be writing more.)

Words written today: 809
Words written this month: 8,201
Words written 2017: 48,716
Average words/day 2017: 1,083
Books completed 2017: 1
Pages read: 0
Books read 2017: 2
Exercise reps: 0

Still averaging slightly above 1,000 words/day for the year, but not for the month. I really want to fix that — first, get the month average up, then keep going to get the average for the year to my target (2,000/day average). No, actually, the first thing is to get the weekly total back up. It’s down to around 3,500. So I’ll do better this week.

Meanwhile, lots of other things on my list of things to do, like getting a new battery for the car before the big road trip, making notes for the panels I’m going to be on this coming weekend, doing child-related things (open house, Brownies meeting, parent-teacher conference), and so forth. Maybe even touch up my roots if I have time.

How’s your month shaping up, almost halfway in? Just as busy?

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